Caloric Bargaining

Caloric Bargaining

Caloric bargaining

These stairs in Norway attempt to make the point that if you take the stairs, you may enjoy the extra calories in regular Coke. Seems counter productive for Coke to remind us that one is bad for us and the other is supposedly better (Movers don’t do “diet” drinks either). The beauty for Coke is that rather than reminding us that we shouldn’t be drinking sugar sweetened beverages, they show us that we deserve the reward for completing our activities of daily life. It’s bad enough when we binge after a workout because, “we deserve it” but now we’re giving ourselves “calorie credits” for taking the stairs.

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What Gyms and Personal Trainers Can Learn From Fast Food

Fitness blogger/guitarist/above-average-Joe Stankowski has a message that will help slim down your members and clients while fattening up your wallet. 

“What if WE could work together to get people ‘addicted’ to moving, lifting, running, climbing, rowing, pedaling and playing, while still retaining our own “brand” identities?”

via What Gyms and Personal Trainers Can Learn From Fast Food.

This ethos is at the heart of Moving for Wellness It is my dream to inspire.  One law of the Universe seems to be that individuals can do large-scale damage on mass but goodness is only acheived one-by-one.