About Robert Fernandez


Greetings fellow movers. My name is Robert Fernandez and I am a man on a wellness mission. I currently study Sport Psychology and Performance Enhancement at California State University-Fullerton. Every one of us is an athlete and life is the ultimate performance. I believe wellness, not sickness, is our default condition. All we need to do is to move enough and minimize all gratuitous stress to live long, happy and healthy lives.

I didn’t always have so much faith in the body’s ability to naturally be well. I decided that I wanted to help people heal from an early age. Naturally, this led me to pursue medical school in college. I became further convinced with each Biology and Physiology lecture, that there were just way too many things that could go wrong in the body and we most certainly needed modern medicine and pharmacology to keep us healthy.

I took a job in Pharmacy at a well-known HMO to put myself through college. My purpose was to educate myself on the medications I would one day be prescribing. I had such awe and respect for all of our modern medical advancements. I gradually became disillusioned as I routinely witnessed some of our frequent customers rapidly decline in health. As their medications lists expanded, their very will to be healthy seemed to diminish. I got to have many conversations with people at my pharmacy counter. I realized that they truly wanted to be free from medications, but nobody in “the system” ever took the time to really connect with them as an individual and develop an appropriate, drug-free, treatment plan.

I didn’t blame the physicians nor the patients. What I realized is that we are suffering from an ignorance of what wellness is. We think we can only focus on and identify disfunction without ever learning what proper function is. This became my new purpose. I changed my major from pre-med to Kinesiology and sought out to discover what truly living well felt like for myself.

I want to share the joys I have discovered through moving my body across this wonderful world during the first quarter century of my life. My general goal is to provide inspiration and means for others to uncover their true human potential. Whatever may become of us in the next world we know not. Let us live this life as if our physical bodies are the main tool we use to nourish, enrich and allow maturity of our eternal souls. We must move ourselves to ensure total self-actualization in this life and beyond.

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