Reconsidering “non-communicable” disease – Language in Thought and Action


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Psychologists call this Dichotomous Thinking (DT). Maintaining this mental posture with any regularity will cause your physical body to adopt a metabolic “set point” that is conducive for constant combat.

Physiologists have defined this phenomenon as Central Sympathetic Overactivity (CSO). It is linked to a number of our most common physical “non-communicable” disease states (e.g. hypertension, diabetes, high-cholesterol).

I put “non-communicable” in quotes because communicable diseases (a.k.a infectious diseases like flu, strep throat, etc.) are defined by their ability to be spread by exposure to contaminated materials.

Now consider how this epidemic of DT and CSO is spread. Isn’t it contracted by over-exposure to “viral” ideas and memes?

We need the open exchange of thoughts and ideas but we have to be absolutely precise with the language by which these messages are conveyed. It is very easy to persuade others towards our positions by appealing to emotion but when that mechanism used to an excess, our minds, bodies, and spirit (the personal and the universal spirit) deteriorate at an accelerated rate. It’s like replacing water with energy drinks and coffee.

Read this book and be challenged to explore how words bring about our individual and collective actions:

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