It’s Genetic

Everything I write about health and wellness is under the assumption that every disease, abnormality and deviation from perfect health is caused by something that is of this world.    For most of our medical history, sickness was thought to be handed down by the gods. We can’t blame them for thinking that their gout flare-up was an affliction from above; or a possession by demons. They had no concept of crystalline uric acid.

public domain

James Gillray, 1799


As rediculous as demonic possession may seem as the explanation of disease, we still resort to the other supernatural sources of sickness when we have no other explanation. We just replace the mysticism of demonology with the gaps in our knowledge of genetics.

Environmental v. Congenital

The World Health Organization (WHO) defines the “environment” as follows:

The environment is all the physical, chemical and biological factors external to a person, and all the related behaviors.

We are very well aware of the etiology of “environmental” and communicable diseases yet we still scratch our head when asked to explain those rare cases of congenital and non-communicable diseases. To me, the assumption that our intelligent designer (whatever form that takes for you) simply hands out sickness and suffering to some of us like dealing out a hand of blackjack is flawed.

This is pretty much what health professionals are saying when they talk about genetics being the source of your disease. It is more rational and scientific to assume that there has to be a material source of whatever you’re afflicted with…it just may be so far removed from you (in time and space) that we can’t put our finger on it. Your birth defect that rendered your pancreas incapable of producing insulin may not have been caused by anything your mother did while carrying you in her womb; BUT…before we throw our hands up and say, “it must run in your genes”, why not seek a more sofisticsted and scientific explanation for disease and suffering?

We have to realize that much of our medical orthodoxy that is taught to our healers is driven by that which can be measured or remodeled through chemical intervention. There isn’t much money to be made by prescribing movement and clean living.

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