Demise of a Starman

 I’ve watched this Super Bowl ad three times and haven’t made it through with dry eyes. I don’t know if it hits me more for the narrative of an aging astronaut who is able to live again or for the David Bowie song.

The flashbacks to wellness and the recent death of David Bowie both remind me that our “Golden Years” are often regarded as less valuable than our younger years. Audi did a great job at leveraging this sentiment to convey the message that it is only through driving one of their cars that we can actually make old age worthwhile.

This message encapsulates so well the driving force behind my lifelong pursuit of wellness. I started out seeking the secrets to healthy living while in the midsts of the chronically ill. My early years as a wellness warrior were spent serving up the drug du jour to the afflicted masses. As I sold them their prescriptions, I wondered how it was that they came to be so dependent on chemistry in order to live their lives.

I realized that so much of the potential life force that each of us are born with all too often gets squandered either by acts of commission or; more commonly, acts of omission. We are born healthy (for the most part) and make choices to nurture or squander our wellness capital.

An artistic genius was gifted to us once upon a time in the south of London named David Robert Jones. Through the years, he opted to live authentic to his esthetic soul rather than live according to his biological nature. He had a good run and we benefited immensely from his own self-sacrifice but the lesson remains…

…there are no free lunches in nature.

We can choose to live in such a way that feeds certain parts of us and tap in to greatness or, we can live a healthful and balanced life in ambiguity.

Living authentic to our own individual wants and desires while maintaining that healthful balance is a difficult thing to do throughout the course of a lifetime. We are forced to compete in an environment where our peers are ready and willing to put in 80-hour work weeks, take performance enhancing chemicals, and resort to tactics that may be legal under the letter of the law (looking at you Talib); though not entirely beneficial to the collective.

During Super Bowl 50, Denver Bronco Aqib Talib saved a touchdown and was only penalized a couple of yards for the flagrant infraction.

It is certainly a sticky situation to be in. Let us all at least recognize the costs of our choices at the time that we make them rather than later in life.

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