Playing God with the hose

Playing God with the hose

It has been hot and dry lately here in Southern California. Rather than re-program my sprinklers to water more frequently, I thought I’d take a little time to stand outside and manually water my lawn (small as it may be). I was amazed at the peace and rest of mind it brought me.

My mind started to wander as I stood out there. I was taken back to a childhood memory of when I had to rake and water my elderly neighbors lawn for a $5/week “pay check”. As I found myself paying special attention to the brown patches and neglecting the green spots, I wondered if this is what God felt like; deciding whom to water and whom to let flourish on their own. Even then, I knew that we humans were different than the blades of grass at my feet. We had free will and our own unique abilities. We had our gifts that we could leverage for our benefit. This is how the entire lawn becomes green. If we all agree that we are not “rooted” to one dry, oft neglected patch on this lawn then we should do everything in our power, as a society, to encourage free-expression of our individual talents. We mustn’t do anything to stifle these gifts. We must all be good stewards and strive to thrive in our own right.

These are just the places my mind goes when given enough pause from the mundane.

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