The mother of our mental health problems

Sandy Hook mournersThere is no shortage of questions in the wake of any tragedy. The terror at Sandy Hook Elementary in Newtown, Connecticut weighs heavy on our hearts as we all scramble for answers so that we may prevent and/or protect ourselves and others from repeating the horrible events. As a parent of school aged children, I still can not fathom what these families must be experiencing.

There is a time for silent condolence and there is a time for discussion of the issues. I am pleased to see a little reprieve from the politics so that we may start to heal as a nation. As we commence the debate over the surrounding issues, let us not just focus on the issue of gun control but delve deeper towards the root of such senseless acts of violence.

Mental health seems to be a common thread in these mass shootings. What our fore bearers may have labeled as “evil” or “possession” now has a proper mental/emotional diagnosis. Science has given us a starting point at which to evaluate and manage such cases of abnormal psychology on an individualized basis.

Screen Shot 2012-12-16 at 1.50.21 PMBut we mustn’t stop there. The answer will not be found in simply identifying and managing mental illness. We as a society must look for possible causes of disorder. It is our natural inclination to simply accept such tragic abnormalities amongst us as nature rather than nurture. We see the rising incidence in chronic conditions, cancer, autism, obesity, anxiety, depression…….(catching my breath)…the list goes on, yet we dare not pay enough attention to possible causes for fear that we might realize we’ve brought some of this on ourselves. We’ve accepted countless time-saving conveniences in our daily lives. We no longer have control over the food we place on our tables. It is nearly impossible to keep toxins out of our homes. We are so far removed from the production of many of our basic life-supporting needs that there is no longer any real quality control aside from those we trust in government and industry. Much of the foods and products we use only have to pass minimal safety/quality standards called GRASs (generally regarded as safe) in order to make it to the shelves of your local supermarket.

I was shaken to my core by a blog post at The Anarchist Soccer Mom ( this morning. I read it as I sat in my car in my church parking lot. It is a first person narrative of a mother of an emotionally disturbed child (like the Sandy Hook mass murderer). I can not imagine what it must be like to realize your child might be capable of such a thing. There is no amount of mental health care that will ever ease that pain expressed by the mother who knows the best thing for her, her child and society is to have him institutionalized or turned in to a zombie with pharmaceuticals.

The only answer to this problem for many is prayer.

I say go ahead and pray. Turn all your benevolent intentions towards such children and families. Prayer is wonderful in that it gives us hope and something to do when there is no other alternative. It helps us realize that some things are beyond our control. But we can control something else in this case.
Screen Shot 2012-12-16 at 1.50.42 PMWe are only as good as our weakest tissues. There is ample amounts of evidence that intestinal inflammation has a direct impact on our brain function. We assault our GI system on a daily basis (and have done so for decades) with all the artificially flavored and processed franken-foods we feed our children (and ourselves). I see on-the-go moms dragging their children around with them keeping them content with a baggie of cereal. It’s cheap, portable, non-messy and keeps the kid quiet. But is it the best thing for their developing gastrointestinal systems?

for today's kid on the go

for today’s kid on the go

It’s tough to judge such moms (especially as a dad) since our society has neglected the power of food for a
couple generations now. We’ve been taught that the government has our best interests at heart and as long as they test it, it’s safe to feed to our little ones. As long as there are no acute ill-effects from ingestion of such convenience foods, they are socially accepted.

I think back to how children were raised and fed in years gone by and can’t help but wonder if perhaps this new method of building human beings is not in some large way contributing to the social disharmony and overall waning cognitive function we see spreading among us.

I know real food and holistic living are not the sole answers to our problems. We are correct to have reason and fact-based discussion about fireamrs policy, mental health access, education, family life, etc. I just don’t see much good in hacking at all these many branches if we simultaneously choose to keep ourselves in the dark about GMOs, unhealthy “health foods” and other modern conveniences that we’re much too comfortable to relinquish or question. As is my general approach to health and wellness, we must first focus on the root of the issue, then treat the symptoms.

My thoughts today were partly inspired by a poignant Facebook post from the Total Lifestyle Facebook page:

I’m still praying for those families in CT…
The following article MUST be read. It shows exactly the cycle our children who have mental illness are going through and it will never end if we don’t make different choices as parents. There are options other than psychiatric drugs which seem to make these ‘patients’ commit these crimes. I personally have met parents who have completely healed their children of mental illness by following the GAPS protocol and by following a strict nutritional diet that heals their body (gut) in order to heal their brain. There is a direct connection between the gut and the brain. I would advise all parents of a child that suffers with mental illness to research this protocol and also the possibility to detoxify the body of whatever else might be preventing it from functioning normally. This may include but not limited to: heavy metals, vaccines, environmental toxins, household toxins, etc.

Pharmaceutical Drugs doesn’t have to be the end of the road.

This was taken recently at my local baby mega mart

This was taken recently at my local baby mega mart

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