Who does this?

“But dude, If I lay the weights down, I’ll waste a rep by lifting it from the floor.”

I see this a lot in the gym. I call it Barbell Forrest. I imagine it is done for the sake of not having to lift the weight all the way from the floor before each set.

I have yet to catch the guy who sets all this up in action. He’s usually already moved on to the next energy-efficient workout.

When I finally track down this Green weightlifter by following his small carbon footprint, I’ll be sure to ask his logic of coming to the gym to work your muscles, then risk a broken toe to save themselves from doing extra work.






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3 thoughts on “Who does this?

  1. We have a trainer who does stuff like that. And I’ve seen it when they can’t lift the weight up to the proper spot on the rack. Ok. I get that after a set, but you rest and rack it in a minute. My personal rule of thumb…if I can’t rack it, it’s too heavy to use with good form.

    • Here, here! I have no problem with lifting to fatigue but at least lay the thing down along the bottom of the stand so there is no risk of it falling on my foot and minimal risk of me tripping over it.

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