UW Real Food Summit: A DNA protection plan

If you have an electronic device capable of bringing my words to your eyes, you probably don’t have to worry about food in your daily life. I wouldn’t go so far as to say we take it for granted because we are all eternally grateful that we are not starving. There is, however, a level of starvation that has been overshadowed by those horrible images of emaciated children from Africa.

Our bodies require not only a minimum number of calories (food quantity)in order to thrive. We also require a minimum amount of nutrition (food quality) in the way of enzymes, minerals, vitamins, co-factors, fiber, proteins, fats and carbohydrates. So many of us— who objectively are not starving due to having enough to eat—are making the feeble attempt to sustain our lives through consumption of highly industrialized and chemically engineered foods. These foods may seem to feed us but over the years, they leave us susceptible to any number of chronic diseases.

Never before was toxic food so well disguised as real food. When early man witnessed his buddy keel over after eating a certain berry, he brought it back to the cave and gave a PSA to the others not to eat the berry. Today, we are never taught the true value of Real Food by our healthcare authorities.

This is slowly beginning to change.

Doctors are facing a tidal wave of metabolic and chronic disease. As we do more research on the causes and compare the findings with what we know of epigenetics and nutrition, it becomes more clear that food quality has much more of an impact on our long-term health that we give it credit for. The latest research even shows how junk food can make us less intelligent. Our brains suffer just as much as our hearts do when we feed on less-than-optimal food.

I’m happy to say that in my 10 years working in cooperation with many Primary Care physicians, I have witnessed a promising increase in attention to food quality rather than food quantity. Fixing your diet is far more difficult than swallowing a pill but they realize the impact Real Food has on their patients and patient’s families.

You are the caretaker of your ancestral DNA

This slow, self-inflicted starvation not only impacts our health but also the health of our children. You are the caretaker of the genetic material passed down to you by every one of your ancestors who lived before you. They worked hard to ensure that they gifted you with the heartiest, most healthful DNA they could.

Hell, they were the ones who made it through famine, wars, floods and the great depression. We’ve all got to have some pretty good stuff within our cells.

Our DNA is pre-programmed to run a body at peak performance. It’s had millions of years to fine tune. Sure there have been some “curve-balls” nature has thrown at our DNA but the change was gradual enough that we were able to adapt. The man-made “curve-ball” of industrializing our food supply is only about 50 years old. We have changed our food supply more in the last 50 years than it has ever changed in our entire human history. Our DNA is like a F1 race car engine and we’re pumping in a 50/50 mix of 87 octane and motor oil.

We must practice good stewardship of our genes and re-learn how to feed ourselves Real Food.

“JERF” with me now….

I just got word that Sean Croxton — you know, the guy from the Underground Wellness podcast and YouTube channel — is all set to launch another online health conference he’s calling The Real Food Summit.

If you happened to catch his Paleo Summit a few months back, you know that Sean knows how to host an event.

The guy goes all out!

This summit isn’t just for the Paleo crowd, though. This one is for EVERYONE.

And I should probably mention that it’s absolutely FREE for you to attend!

So what’s the Real Food Summit all about? Well, after almost a decade of studying nutrition and health, Sean came to realize that what most people need to do is Just Eat Real Food — or JERF, as he likes to call it.

But what exactly is Real Food?

Great question. In fact, that’s the very question that Sean intends to answer throughout the summit. And he brought in some of the best-of-the-best nutrition experts to help him do it.

Check out this stellar lineup of speakers…

* Real farmer Joel Salatin leads off the summit, as he defines what real cows, real chickens, and real pigs really are

* Blogger and podcaster Chris Kresser talks about the importance of fish and seafood in the Real Food diet

* Paul Chek discusses how eating whole foods impacts your mind, body, and soul

* Jeffrey Smith dishes the real dirt on genetically modified foods

* Mark McAfee shows you how raw milk can heal a broken immune system

* The always brilliant Chris Masterjohn shares the nutritional wisdom of Weston A. Price

And those are just a handful of the 27 — yes, TWENTY-SEVEN! — video presentations that you will be able to watch for FREE during this 9-day event.

The summit kicks off Sunday, July 8th…BUT you don’t have to wait until then to get started!

That’s because, when you register today, you get to jump-start your summit experience with Joel Salatin’s presentation entitled Real Food Defined. I’m 100% sure you’re gonna love it.

Head on over to https://at105.infusionsoft.com/go/real/movingforwellness right now to register and get started!

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