Does your personal trainer teach you how to exercise or how to move?

Happy Friday Everyone! I thought I’d share a video from two of the top fitness pros in the business. It’s a sort of mini workshop on eccentric training of the muscles, diaphragmatic breathing and the neuromuscular network of myofascial anatomical “chains”. Sounds complicated but in short, they explain what is at the core of what I call, “movement training”.



It has been my experience and observation that once we learn how to walk, we start to forget concepts such as leverage and functional stability for the sake of taking short cuts in our daily activities. This is why every child fully squats when they want to reach the ground while nearly every adult will bend down from the hips instead (so as to not lower the center of gravity and have to burn all those calories raising it after the task is complete). As we become more distracted in our daily movements, we place strain on the wrong muscles and ligaments. This manifests in the form of chronic aches and sometimes acute injury.

It’s very important to remember how to move properly. I don’t often see this emphasis on foundational Kinesiological lessons outside of the Physical Medicine area. The fitness industry is almost 100% focused on burning calories and teaching people how to perform specific exercises. This makes good exercisers but it seldom produces good movers. This video briefly demonstrates and explains how not only proper form but body awareness and breath serve to improve our function and performance as Professional Human Beings.

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