Do you have Allergies?

The following is from “The Ayurvedic Oracle”
it is the newsletter from the CA College of Ayurveda

Spring Time Allergies
Treatment and Prevention

Spring is here. The weather is getting warmer, the mountain snows are melting, and the lush nature of the valleys below are blooming. Ayurveda teaches us that just as the waters flow in nature, they also flow inside of our bodies. As a result, mucous in the body increases and water accumulates in the skin and eyes.
Spring time allergies affect a large percentage of the population, though everyone’s symptoms vary. This is because we each have a unique constitution and depending upon our lifestyle, we are each more or less out of balance. For many, and especially for those with a kapha nature, the eyes may weep, the nose may run and breathing may become difficult. For those with a more pitta nature, the eyes may also burn and become red. These symptoms, observed throughout time by the ancient doctors of India, are today known as allergies.
If you suffer from allergies, the best remedy is prevention. This means living a healthy lifestyle all year round, but most importantly throughout the fall and winter. In the fall and winter, the best prevention is a warm diet. Cooked foods that are well spiced prevent water from becoming locked away inside the body. Avoid refrigerated foods and especially cold drinks. Drink lots of hot tea and hot lemonade.
Once the mucous flows and the allergies begin, the best home treatment is a dry and light diet. Avoid all dairy, wheat (breads, pasties), oats, rice, bananas, juices and other foods that are heavy and moist. Eat lightly in general and avoid feeling full. Foods and drinks should still be warm and well spiced.
These recommendations will help you to avoid needing to take medication. When medication is needed, work with herbs first as they have little to no side-effects. Only use pharmaceutical medications when herbs are unable to control the symptoms and see a Clinical Ayurvedic Specialist for more information.

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