Move away from SOY!!!

Soybean Sky

Soybean Sky (Photo credit: Clearly Ambiguous)

Many people turn to soy products for health reasons. Read any health magazine on the newsstands and you will undoubtedly find a recipe or advertisement for soy. Soy milk has become increasingly popular for those who are lactose intolerant. Many soy advocates even say it will lower your cholesterol. Soy has taken our culture by storm. This very second, there is a commercial for a “health-food” containing soy on TV. Why are they forcing soy in to our diet?
The answer is money, money, money. The soybean is subsidized by the government because it is such a hearty crop. They are easy and therefore inexpensive to grow. The soybean is a very cheap way to get protein and carbohydrates on the shelves of your local supermarket. Now think back to your last trip to the supermarket. Didn’t seem to see a lot of soy products? Well you were fooled. If you look at the ingredient list on anything in a box or can, chances are you will see that it was made with soybean oil. Most baby formulas have soy protein. In fact, most “health-foods” that advertize higher protein content most likely have fortified the product with soy.
Soy is a plant that was initially used not as food but for crop rotation. During the Chou dynasty in ancient China, soy was used to fix the nitrogen levels in the soil before a food crop like millet or barley was planted. In fact, soy gained its foot-hold in America after the Dust Bowl in the 1930’s. Soy was planted to revive the land in Middle America. We then found out that if we could only market this crop as food, it would be a lot easier than growing grains or vegetables. The sad fact is that the only way soy can be beneficial to a human is if it is fermented and consumed in low levels as a condiment or side to meat. This is how the Asian cultures have consumed soy for centuries. The early American soy moguls knew that westerners would not embrace fermented soy as a new staple to the American diet. They began hiring scientists to find ways to process the soy. The result is two main forms of soy that we consume today; soybean oil and soy protein. Soybean oil is high in essential fatty acids however, the ratio is all wrong. It is rich in Omega-6 and not Omega-3. Omega-6 promotes inflammation in the body. Because soy is so ubiquitous in our SAD diet, it is estimated that we consume Omega-6 and Omega-3 on a ratio of 20:1 and sometimes 50:1. The optimal ratio is 1:1. This highly inflammatory diet keeps drug companies busy producing Vicodin, Motrin, Mobic, and other poisons with which we dull our daily aches and pains. One other step to soybean oil extraction is a hexane bath. Yes hexane is a kin to gasoline. Once the oil is extracted, there is a left over sludge. This sludge is taken and processed in to soy protein isolate. If not soaked in a number of alkaline solutions, this protein isolate contains high levels of Trypsin-inhibitors. Trypsin is a substance that is essential to the digestion of protein. The presence of such soy enzymes leads to digestion problems of varying degrees. Another harmful substance in soy is phytic acid. This blocks the absorption of minerals like calcium, magnesium, iron and zinc. This is not much of a problem for men (no iron loss from menstruation) but can prove very harmful for women who are trying to absorb all the iron and calcium they can to fight osteoporosis and anemia. This does not mean that it is ok for men to consume high levels of soy. Countless cases of elevated estrogen levels in men have been linked to soy-rich diets.

See what Dr. Mercola has to say about it:



4 thoughts on “Move away from SOY!!!

  1. We’re not talking much here. Just a drop; a little hexane is like a drop of gasoline with every meal. Who hasn’t gotten their hands dirty at the gas station and grabbed a potato chip before washing?

    You know it’s happened before

    I was asked by our political director Alexis to write an article covering the current media hooplah about a simple hydrocarbon called hexane.


    As a by-product of every petroleum refinery on earth, there is a lot of cheap hexane out there and when you consider how efficient this alkane can be, the idea of just dumping it off the shores of Somalia seems so wasteful. For a while we used hexane as a cleaning agent for removing grease in the printing industry as well as a solvent for rubber cement, but since print media is dead and I’m a little too old to still be sniffing glue, hexane needs another gig. Free showers for the homeless? Clean our bullets for a second go? Glue the streets of Detroit to prevent emigration?

    • I would have to admit that I am not infromed as to the average ammount of hexane that is actually ingested with soy products. Even if it is trace ammounts, I argue that it is toxic enough considering that soy is consumed in such great numbers by Americans. It is extremely easy to have soy or soybean oil in your food at every mean of the day without even knowing it. It is in nearly every processed food. It all ads up.

  2. ya’ know what I find amusing? soy “milk” doesn’t need refrigeration. But to compete against cows milk (a whole other story!), the ‘soy people’ had to/were able to get their product in the same section as ‘moo juice’.

    if not for their product placement, soy milk would still be hidden in the “health food” aisle – and nobody ever goes there, right?

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