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We all know that the quality of food varies greatly depending on where we get it and how fresh it is.  Recently there has been much public attention on trans fats.  Now, we see bags of potato chips advertising that they contain zero trans fats….as if it’s suddenly health food now.  To most of us, it is obvious that that bag of chips is still not good for us however there are some hidden imposters on the shelves of our local grocery store that are just as sneaky.

If your great-grand mother went looking in your cubbords today, it’d be kinda creepy, and she’d poke your loaf of bread and ask you what the heck it was.  When she baked bread, she probably used little more than 4 ingredients; flour; salt, water and yeast.  Of course, her finished product could double as a door stop but it still filled you up and tasted great.  The loaves of bread on the selves today have an ingredient list with about 75 items.  These are all there to sweeten the dough and make it last longer on the shelves.

Whatever goals you want to attain through diet and exercise can be easily crushed by a lifestlye that does not include home cooking.  I have seen many fellow movers do everything right in the gym and eat out all the time.  They stay stagnant and don’t know why.  Even the “healthy” options like sub sandwiches and salads-on-the-go have hidden mosters that will keep you running in place towards your weight-loss goals.  You have to cook at home in order to reach your fitness goals.

It will take some time to figure out what tastes good and also easy to prepare, transport to work and won’t break the bank.  Helathier food usually is more expensive.  It also spoils earlier so there is a lot of planning involved.  If you need help with specific foods or grocery lists, contact me It is always better to spend a little more money on food today than to rack-up the health costs in the future.
One strategy that has worked for me is buying online. I can buy items in bulk and save money by splitting an order with friends and family. This can be done with primary items like meats, butter and cheeses.

Click the cow that looks the tastiest for great deals on quality grassland beef!

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