A 6th sense

Lancashire CCC skipper Glen Chapple

Lancashire CCC skipper Glen Chapple (Photo credit: University of Salford)

I just finished a heavy squat session followed by some box jumps and stair climbs. I think I reached a moment of clarity and discovered why I fell in love with the study of human movement years ago. For centuries, scientist have been claiming that Physics will someday lead us to the meaning of life and an understanding of what God is. I now believe that we have been looking to the outside (cosmos) when we should be looking internally. The nature of our human movement gives us answers as to what our bodies were made to/adapted to do. We humans are the supreme beings on this Earth and were created to carry out specific functions. When we exercise and move our bodies, we become aware of our current capabilities and everlsasting potential. This is why it is important to become a student of ourselves. When we pay attention to our bodies, we will learn great things from it. Our proprioception is a sense just like taste and touch. When we move our joints through space we receive feedback via our afferent nervous system. The more we use it, the more we are sensitized to it. Herein lies the root of all human potential.

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3 thoughts on “A 6th sense

  1. The universe & our human bodies are connected. It is what we call “Interdependence”. The universe is actually within us & we are within the universe…the transformation of energy…

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